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Feb 6

Prepare yourself for AnonToolBox hacking - SSH Tipps

You may already use for developing other projects and maybe you want to use a different github account and ssh keypair for your AnonToolBox hacking.


  • you create a new account
  • you may create a new ssh keypair and put the public key into your new github account
  • you fork the AnonToolBox
  • you checkout your new forked AnonToolBox
  • you start hacking and commit to your local repo
  • and now you want to push it back to github

All people not working too much with ssh run into a problem now and the following config helps you to fix this on unix style operating systems. (sorry, no Microsoft skills here :/ )

The problem is, that you like to use two different ssh keypairs for two different accounts and you have to tell ssh, which key to use. It’s very simple looking at the following config snippet for ~/.ssh/config

    User git
    Identityfile ~/.ssh/anontoolbox

You define a “virtual” hostname called an tell ssh the real hostname in the config.

And instead of pushing to you now always push to

I recommend you using your username on as hostname part of the full qualified domain name.

We hope it helps you joining and hacking the AnonToolBox.